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Bollettino Postale 896 22.pdfl ##BEST##

this article describes how to reconcile bollettino postale payments using reports from poste italiane. this article assumes that the bollettino postale payment request has been generated in poste italiane. this article also assumes that you have the necessary credentials to view the documentation and that you have found the correct customer records in your salesforce org.

Bollettino Postale 896 22.pdfl

Download File:

bollettino postale payments can be reconciled using reports from poste italiane. to access these reports, you must log in to your poste italiane account and select the reports section (see the following figure). this section is accessed through the menu bar and the user must select 'bollettino postale' from the list of categories in the search box.

payment date is the date of the payment request that has been made. mail code is the code that identifies the payment request in your organization's bollettino postale payments setup. mail code and payment amount are also available in the bollettino postale payment request.

the highlighted cell also has the name of the payment request. this cell contains the payment amount and the payment date. the highlighted cell also has the sender address. to see the sender address of a bollettino postale payment, the user must select the payment type. the following figure illustrates how to select the payment type.

after you complete the form, post it to the post office and you can expect to receive a bollettino postale pay slip back from the post office, along with a free prepaid envelope. you can also download the bollettino postale in your web browser. 5dcf44b096 350c69d7ab


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