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Buy Microsoft Project Online LINK

Prices shown are per month. If you are global or billing administrator, an annual commitment is required to purchase online. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. Within the Microsoft 365 admin center, global and billing administrators can choose either annual or monthly commitment plans.

buy microsoft project online

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To be clear, Project Online is NOT a web-based version of Project Professional. Project Online is an entirely separate service that offers full portfolio and project management tools on the web. It includes Project Web App, and can, depending on your subscription, also include Project Online Desktop Client, which is a subscription version of Project Professional.

For many of our customers, side-by-side transition will be the best approach. This requires no data migration and ensures you can continue to use the functionality you need to manage your existing Project Online projects to completion. Here is our recommended approach to side-by-side usage and transition:

At some point in the future we will be providing native migration tools to move project data from your existing Project Online environment to Project for the web. Our native tools will work best for standard deployments, e.g. those with no custom code or integrations.

Stay organized, focused, and in charge. Tackle anything from small projects to large initiatives. You may or may not be a project manager, but now you can be the boss of any project with a powerful, easy-to-use app.

The online project management tool is very powerful and is a great option for teams already set up within a Microsoft project ecosystem, such as Microsoft Teams, MS Project Server, Microsoft Planner and Sharepoint. For these teams, adding a minor cost for online additions of their desktop project management tools is a great way to get their Microsoft Project plans online. However, MS Project Online has major drawbacks for everybody else.

The desktop version of Microsoft Project has long been the standard for project managers, so much so that many are incredulous that there are viable MS project online alternatives. Yes, there really are affordable project management software alternatives with all the power of MS Project and without all the frustrations.

ProjectManager gives you the power to not only view your MPP files online, but also manage them online, and export them back to MPP format with complete data integrity. This MS project online alternative lets you share your plans with team members and clients online freely and securely, while still using Microsoft Project.

As stated above, Microsoft has a wide array of products and a complicated price structure that can be confusing for many project managers. Here are some of the most common questions that project managers have about MS Project Online.

ProjectManager is an award-winning project management tool that organizes teams and projects. Our cloud-based software has all the features of MS Project Online, without the expense and unnecessary complexities. See how we can make your teams work more productively with our one-stop PM tool. Get started for free with our 30-day trial today.

To fully understand the different Microsoft Project Applications, we need to understand the evolution of MS Project. With the evolution of software development towards Agile development, improvements in cloud infrastructure, and improvements in wireless capabilities, the need for Cloud Native applications became overwhelming. What started as a Desktop application has over the years evolved into 3 different Applications focused on meeting consumer needs for different project management approaches, functionality requirements, and client-specific pricing structures.

Project Server is a more advanced offering that offers organizations management of different projects and portfolios across an organization. Project admins can manage access to projects within an organization and security from a central Project Workspace. In addition to MS Project Professional functions, Project Server supports advanced portfolio, resource, collaboration, demand, governance, integration, and work management.

With the evolution from traditional waterfall software development to a more agile approach of utilizing microservices, a concept of utilizing the cloud to develop scalable applications, together with the migration towards remote working and globalization of companies and projects, Microsoft began transitioning from the traditional Microsoft Project to a Cloud Based App. This meant consumers could now have access to the latest features instantly, instead of having to wait for years before having to purchase the new release.

Cloud Based Microsoft Project, or Microsoft Project Online was also introduced with a new payment structure. Where Microsoft Project Desktop was purchased with a perpetual license, the cloud version was introduced with a monthly subscription. Like the Desktop version, the cloud version was offered with different capabilities to suit the different requirements of different projects or project managers. These included :

Microsoft Power Platform is a powerful, extensible platform for business processes and functions. By building core project management functionality on the Power Platform, we can leverage the power of this platform and deepen our interoperability with Dynamics 365.

These days, it would make more sense to refer to Microsoft Project Online when referring to the subscription version of the Microsoft Project solution. These online applications are available through Microsofts Subscription plans, namely Plan 1, Plan 3, and Plan 5. Subscriptions provide access to different

Choosing to use Microsoft Project as your team's dedicated project management app makes sense only when a number of stars align. First, you really must have a certified project manager on board to drive the software. Second, time has to be on your side and your certified project manager can't be rushed to learn to use the tool. Third, your team should already be a Microsoft house, or it should be willing to become one. Fourth, the number of projects your team manages and their level of complexity should be quite high. If your organization meets these criteria, Microsoft Project may prove to be an invaluable tool. If not, you're better served by another option, and there are many.

If you've read this far and realized that Microsoft Project isn't right for your team, I recommend three other options. For small businesses, Zoho Projects and Teamwork Projects are the PCMag Editors' Choices. Both are reasonably priced and very easy to learn to use, even if you're not a project management master yet. The other tool that earns the Editors' Choice is LiquidPlanner, a high-end tool that's ideal for larger teams managing not just projects but also people and other resources.

Microsoft Project takes a long time to learn to use and even longer to master. I am writing this review from the point of view of someone who has not mastered it (not even close) but who has experimented with it for some weeks and asked questions of Microsoft representatives to learn more. My point of view includes comparison testing with dozens of other project management apps, from lightweight ones designed for small businesses to enterprise-grade options.

Project Online Professional costs $30 per person per month. With this level of service, each person gets to use the Microsoft Project desktop app on up to five computers for project management only, not portfolio management. Even though it's a desktop app, it still runs in the cloud (i.e., it requires an internet connection to use). Access via web browsers is also included.

One is Project Standard, which costs $589.99 charged as a one-time flat fee. With this version, you get one piece of software installed locally on one computer, and only one person can use it. It's old-school software in the sense that it doesn't have any collaboration features. You get project management tools, but nothing for resource management.

If we turn to more high-end tools, LiquidPlanner starts at $599.40 per year for a small business account of up to five people. That price is based on a rate of $9.99 per person per month, but this particular plan is only sold in a five-seat pack. LiquidPlanner's most popular plan, Professional, is better for medium to large businesses. It works out to be $45 per person per month, with a ten person minimum. Like Microsoft Project, LiquidPlanner takes time to master in part because it offers so many tools for both project management and resources management.

Other project management platforms that are suitable for larger organizations include Clarizen (from $45 per person per month), Celoxis ($25 per person per month; five-person minimum), and Workfront (about $30, depending on setup).

I can't stress enough the fact that Microsoft Project is meant to be used by experienced, or more precisely trained, project managers. It's not designed for learning on the fly. It doesn't come with clear tutorials for getting started. It assumes familiarity with both big concepts and fine details of project management. If you're thinking you might use this software but you (or the lead person who will be using the app) don't know what a burndown report is, I would seriously advise you to consider a different tool.

Microsoft Project supports all the typical things you'd want to do in a project management app. For every task, you can enter a lot of detail, such as a description, notes, start date, task duration, and so forth. Recurring events are supported, as are dependencies, custom fields, and baselines for tracking actual progress versus planned progress.

As mentioned, the first time you use the app, there isn't much coaching on how to get started. Some apps provide interactive on-screen tutorials. Others start you out in a sample project. Still others point you early to a channel of help videos for getting started. Microsoft Project has none of that. In fact, the little that Project does provide may merely add to your confusion, such as this little nugget of information that I saw on day one: 041b061a72


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