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Why You Should Read Trudi Canavan The Novice Epub 18: A Review and Guide

- Who is the author? - Why is it worth reading? H2: Plot Summary - What happens in the book? - Who are the main characters? - What are the main conflicts and themes? H2: Analysis - How does the book explore magic and power? - How does the book portray social class and prejudice? - How does the book develop the characters and their relationships? H2: Evaluation - What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book? - How does the book compare to other fantasy novels? - How does the book set up the final installment of the trilogy? H2: Conclusion - What is the main message of the book? - Who would enjoy reading the book? - Where can readers find the epub version of the book? H2: FAQs - What is an epub file and how can I read it? - Is The Novice a standalone book or do I need to read The Magicians' Guild first? - How many books are there in the Black Magician Trilogy and what are their titles? - Who is Trudi Canavan and what are her other works? - Where can I learn more about Trudi Canavan and her books? Table 2: Article with HTML formatting Trudi Canavan The Novice Epub 18: A Review of the Second Book in the Black Magician Trilogy

If you are a fan of fantasy novels, you might have heard of Trudi Canavan, a bestselling Australian author who has written several series set in different magical worlds. One of her most popular works is The Black Magician Trilogy, which follows the adventures of Sonea, a young girl from the slums who discovers she has a rare and powerful gift for magic. The Novice is the second book in this trilogy, and it continues Sonea's journey as she learns to control her magic and faces new challenges and dangers. In this article, we will review The Novice and tell you why it is a must-read for fantasy lovers. We will also tell you where you can find the epub version of the book, which is a convenient and portable format that you can read on your devices.

Trudi Canavan The Novice Epub 18

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The Novice is a fantasy novel that was published in 2004 by Orbit Books. It is the sequel to The Magicians' Guild, which introduced us to Sonea, a girl from the slums who accidentally unleashed her magic during a riot against the magicians. Sonea was then hunted down by the Guild, who wanted to either train her or kill her, until she was taken under their protection by Lord Rothen, a kind and compassionate magician. The Novice picks up where The Magicians' Guild left off, as Sonea begins her studies at the University, where she has to face not only the difficulties of learning magic, but also the hostility and prejudice of her fellow novices and teachers.

The author of The Novice is Trudi Canavan, who was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1969. She started writing stories when she was eight years old, and later studied graphic design and illustration at university. She worked as a freelance designer and illustrator for several years before becoming a full-time writer in 2001. She has written several fantasy series, such as The Age of Five, The Traitor Spy Trilogy, The Millennium's Rule Trilogy, and The Maker's Curse Series. She has also written some short stories and novellas set in her fantasy worlds. She is one of Australia's most successful fantasy authors, with over three million copies sold worldwide.

The Novice is a book that will appeal to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels with rich world-building, complex characters, and intriguing magic systems. It is a book that explores themes such as power, corruption, loyalty, friendship, love, and identity. It is a book that will keep you hooked from the first page to the last, as you follow Sonea's struggles and triumphs in a world where she doesn't belong.

Plot Summary

The Novice takes place in the city of Imardin, where the Magicians' Guild rules over the commoners. Sonea, who was born and raised in the slums, is the first person from the lower class to be accepted into the Guild. She is assigned to Lord Rothen as her mentor, who treats her like a daughter and helps her adjust to her new life. However, not everyone is happy with Sonea's presence in the Guild. Some of the magicians, especially Lord Fergun, see her as a threat and a disgrace. They try to sabotage her education and reputation, and even plot to kill her.

Sonea also faces difficulties among her peers, the other novices who are studying at the University. Most of them come from wealthy and noble families, and they look down on Sonea for her humble origins. They bully and harass her, calling her names and making fun of her clothes and manners. The worst of them is Regin, a cruel and arrogant boy who is determined to make Sonea's life miserable. He challenges her to duels, spreads rumors about her, and even physically attacks her.

Sonea tries to endure the abuse and focus on her studies, but she soon realizes that she has a problem with her magic. Her power is too strong and unstable for her to control, and it sometimes leaks out of her in bursts of anger or fear. She fears that she might hurt someone or herself if she can't learn to master her magic. She also worries that the Guild might discover her secret and expel her or worse.

Fortunately, Sonea is not alone in her troubles. She has some friends and allies who support her and protect her. One of them is Lord Dannyl, Rothen's former novice and friend, who becomes the new Ambassador of Elyne. He leaves Imardin to travel to other countries and investigate the ancient history of magic. He also hopes to find out more about Lord Akkarin, the mysterious and powerful High Lord of the Guild, who seems to have a dark and dangerous secret. Another ally is Cery, Sonea's childhood friend from the slums, who is now a thief leader. He helps Sonea by spying on the Guild and providing her with information and resources.

The most unexpected ally for Sonea is Lord Akkarin himself, who takes an interest in her and offers to help her with her magic problem. He reveals to Sonea that he knows about her power leakage, and that he has the same problem himself. He tells Sonea that he can teach her how to control her magic without using the Guild's methods, which are too slow and ineffective for them. He also tells Sonea that he can show her the true nature of magic, which the Guild has hidden and forbidden for centuries.

Sonea is shocked and scared by Akkarin's revelations, but she also feels curious and intrigued by his offer. She agrees to learn from him, but only on one condition: that he doesn't harm anyone with his magic. Akkarin accepts this condition, but he also warns Sonea that she must keep their lessons secret from everyone else in the Guild. He tells Sonea that if anyone finds out what they are doing, they will both be executed for breaking the Guild's laws.

As Sonea learns more from Akkarin, she begins to see him in a different light. She realizes that he is not as evil and ruthless as she thought he was, but rather a lonely and misunderstood man who has sacrificed a lot for his duty. She also discovers that he has a reason for using his forbidden magic: he is fighting against a hidden enemy who threatens to destroy the Guild and Imardin. Sonea starts to feel sympathy and respect for Akkarin, and even develops some feelings for him.

However, Sonea's loyalty to Akkarin is tested when she finds out that he has lied to her about some things. She learns that Akkarin has killed people with his magic before, and that he has been using his influence to manipulate the Guild's decisions. She also learns that Akkarin's enemy is not as evil as he claims it is, but rather a misunderstood culture that has a different view of magic. Sonea feels betrayed and angry by Akkarin's deception, but she also feels conflicted by his kindness and generosity.

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