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German Babylon Human Voice

The Nazi regime subsequently consolidated the new order into the Rassenhygienemovement (literally, race hygiene), which promoted the elimination of those whose racial characteristics threatened the health of the people, and the Umvolkung movement, which sought to reduce the number of people living in Germany through persecution of Jews, Roma, and other vulnerable groups. Here, again, human rights figured prominently in their plans, and the Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Recht (German Federation of Labor), originally created to defend employers in legal disputes, was rapidly transformed into an organization dedicated to defending the rights of those who were to be purged from society (Dahl, 1996).

German Babylon Human Voice

The ideas of the German Conservative Revolution eventually gained momentum and became a force of such intensity that they posed a threat to German liberal democracy and eventually led to the foundation of the Nazi party. Not only did many liberals become increasingly uncomfortable with the ideas of the German Conservative Revolution, they could not understand why the resulting brand of right-wing thought could become so galvanizing to large numbers of Germans. However, they failed to grasp the source of the alleged irrationality and hostility toward liberalism. Contemporary German thinkers often misunderstand the source of the German Conservative Revolution as a simple reaction to the trauma of World War I, and their reaction to their own trauma; however, a closer analysis shows that this is a misperception. On the contrary, the German Conservative Revolution arose against the backdrop of an entirely different type of trauma: the devastating consequences of the sexual revolution of the nineteenth century.


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