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Speak Out Advanced Teacher's Book Free Download

Formality was a foreigner in any Mabbott classroom. Attendance was rarely if ever taken, students were encouraged to speak up as they wished, and the teacher himself often could be found sitting Indian-fashion atop his desk. Admittedly, such circumstances might not be considered so unusual in today's free-wheeling academic ambience, but it must be remembered that I am going back over 20 years to a more formal time, when Hunter students were required (under threat of expulsion, mind you) to behave in a "ladylike manner," and even the wearing of slacks was taboo except in the most inclement weather.

speak out advanced teacher's book free download

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He would then proceed to smoke one cigarette after another, long fingers rigidly extended, the cigarette more often than not held between the ring and middle fingers, leaving the thumb and forefinger free for any gestures, or in order to hold a book from which he was reading aloud. At other times, the ever-present cigarette might be left to dangle, seemingly forgotten, from the comer of his mouth as he sought to verbalize some idea, head thrown back to avoid the pluming smoke.


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