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Best Place To Buy Wedding Bands Online

Pawn shops are an option similar to consignment shops for selling your wedding ring. Pawn shops have been popular for thousands of years, with everyone from ancient Greeks and Romans to royalty using their services as a fast method of receiving cash for jewelry. These days, pawn shops are well-regulated, mostly safe places to do business.

best place to buy wedding bands online

eBay is a great place to buy all kinds of things, and it was once a good place where you could sell wedding rings online. These days, many sellers find themselves disappointed by low bids or no bids at all. Furthermore, trust has become an issue; not with the platform itself, but with buyers not trusting sellers that have not established a good reputation.

Make It A Date Night: Order your favorite take-out, fancy it up with a special bottle of wine, hunker down in front of the computer and browse wedding rings with your beau. You can discuss whether you want your bands to match, juggle the pros and cons of various metals available (14K Gold or Tungsten?), and peak around at the various colors and finishes available.

Although evidence of women wearing wedding bands dates back to the 16th Century, the practice became mainstream for men more recently in history. In Germany, men began to wear wedding rings in the second half of the 19th century. In the United States and U.K., the practice of men wearing wedding rings took off only in the mid-20th century.

During the First World War, some soldiers started wearing wedding bands to feel more connected to their wives back home. But the practice became mainstream for men during and after the Second World War.

Rings from David Yurman convey power and artistry, and the wedding bands for men look as if they were crafted with wizardry. You can choose from a variety of metals, including black titanium and rose gold, and a range of styles, such as beveled and chevron. These beautifully designed rings range in price from $425 to over $5,000.

Gold, particularly a plain band of yellow gold, has been the standard choice for men ever since wedding bands came into regular use. Although most men continue to choose gold for their wedding rings, there are many excellent options to explore.

In the U.S., roughly 90 percent of the gold wedding bands and engagement rings that people purchase have a purity measurement of 14 karats. With 14 karats, approximately 58 percent of the ring is gold. In contrast, an 18-karat ring has a gold content of 75 percent.

Online review site Yelp is an excellent place to discover highly-rated jewelers making wedding rings for men. I relied on word of mouth to find my jeweler. (For those of you in the greater Washington, DC area, I chose Quest Fine Jewelers in Fairfax, Virginia.)

This gorgeous 4 4/5ct TDW Five Stone Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set by Auriya features a certified 2 carat round diamond in a classic 4-prong setting. The larger center diamond is accentuated by 4 fiery round-cut diamond side stones in a traditional 5-stone setting with eye-catching brilliance and fire. The classic design is paired with two complimenting diamond wedding bands that stack on each side of the engagement ring creating a uniform 3-piece Bridal Ring Set that is sure to take her breath away. Crafted in 14-karat White Gold or Yellow Gold and buffed to a timeless high-polish finish. EGL-USA Certification included. 5-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty included. 041b061a72


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