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Just Cause 3 All Gear Mods REPACK

A new feature of Just Cause 3 is are mods, which essentially act as upgrades. Mods can only be unlocked with gears. Players earn gears by participating in various challenges scattered across the game world - some of these challenges include vehicle & wingsuit races as well as timed destruction events.

Just Cause 3 All Gear Mods

Anyone else having problems with their gear mods not activating. Activating Air Nitrous I does nothing for me, I click it and it refuses to activate so now I can't get the platinum...seriously fuck this game and its bugs. Any help would be great....

This cascading structure of the new gear mods system is one of the huge redeeming features of Just Cause. There are many nice patterns which emerge through taking on the challenges that randomly appear throughout the world: outpost liberation leads to challenges, which leads to gear mods, which leads to experimentation. And more often than not, each tier of this formula is entertaining in itself. That each flows so well into the next makes the overall experience all the more rewarding. Just Cause 3 excels because it adds variety to the equation throughout, making destruction and mayhem entertaining far past the early hours.


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