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Bundle Off

The world's first pressure washer, built specifically for bikes and safe to use on bearings and delicate surfaces. Our all-in-1 bundle includes all you need to get your bike back to that factory fresh look. Read more

bundle off

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The Muc-Off Pressure Washer Bicycle Bundle includes all you need to get your bike back to that factory fresh look while also looking out for those delicate bearings, surfaces and suspension parts. Our all-in-1 bundle features three lances to cater for specific cleaning needs, as well as a Snow Foam Lance to transform your bottle of Nano Tech Bike Cleaner into the ultimate dirt-destroying snow foam.

Punk Powder uses 92% less packaging than our standard Nano Tech bottles. The bundle includes a reusable aluminium bottle with a silicone base that's designed for life and made from silica (sand) instead of plastic.

Kick single-use plastic in the nuts! We take caring for our planet as seriously as our riding, so we wanted to create the ultimate bike cleaning bundle that has the lowest possible impact on the environment.

The ultimate KISS Off the Soundboard collectors bundle. This exclusive bundle features the Off the Soundboard opaque green, limited edition 3LP, Off The Soundboard: Virginia Beach T-shirt, trading card set, guitar pick set, and button.

Dreaming about a cabin far away from the city? The bundle has everything you need to know to help you go off the grid. Learn everything you need from collecting rain water to off-grid energy solutions. We have it all!

Looking to build a new chicken coop, cow stanchion, greenhouse, or maybe an outdoor shower? The bundle includes many building plans with easy step-by-step instructions and lists of all supplies you need!

If bought separately, everything in the bundle would cost $4,951.70. Thanks to the creators you can get everything for an unbelievable 99% discount! With such a great deal and high value, no wonder that this is an opportunity that few want to miss out on.

We promise you, there is no catch! All creators of this bundle have agreed to give this huge discount for a short period of time. The Off-Grid Homestead Bundle is only available for 9 days, so make sure to grab yours while you still can!

When it comes to online shopping, bundle pricing is ubiquitous. This pricing method is extremely popular amongst Internet retailers, and for good reason. Competitive bundling is an excellent way for you to push more product, stand out from the crowd, and connect with your audience in an intriguing way.

Price bundling, also product bundle pricing, is a strategy that retailers use to sell lots of items at higher margins while providing consumers a discount at the same time. With bundle pricing, retailers offer several different products as a package deal, then offer that package to consumers at a lower price than it would cost to purchase those items separately.

Product popularity data (which you can get with Pricewatch) is a great resource for creating effective bundle packages because you can understand which products are flying off the shelves and which products are taking up space. If the slow-moving products complement the fast-moving ones, you can pair the two together to create a bundle that helps clear out your warehouses. This is an especially popular strategy with electronics like TVs and laptops, which will often come in bundles with charging cables, HDMI cords, and other items.

Skip straight to relaxation with the perfect bed bundle for your organic home. All the sustainably made essentials for a better bed, bundled together for a pure and simple bedroom. From down pillows and pillow protectors to down duvet inserts. Finding your new favorite foundation pieces is just a click away.

A retrospective review was conducted of 1290 admissions 6 months before and after implementation of an improved computerized hand-off tool and training bundle. The study took place at an academic community teaching hospital on a Family Medicine inpatient service caring for patients of all ages. The comparison focused on preventable and non-preventable adverse events.

Starmer and colleagues found in 2013 that implementation of a standardized hand-off process and a training bundle, resulted in decreased medical errors at a major children's hospital, as well as unexpected benefits, such as more time spent at the bedside with patients.[14] Implementation of standardized hand-offs and training session as an intervention was subsequently replicated in further studies from the same group on a multi-site/multi-institutional basis.[15] This standardized process is known as I-PASS (Illness Severity, Patient Summary, Action List, Situational Awareness, Synthesis by receiver). This process has now been widely implemented within various pediatric residency teaching systems.[16] However, there has been significantly less experience with I-PASS type hand-off bundles within the non-pediatric residency training environment. The lack of research outside the pediatric residency training environment impacts generalizability to other non-pediatrics general medicine units as the degree of co-morbidity and case complexity increases dramatically on general medicine units. The Family Medicine environment is of particular interest because these units care for not only a broad variety of medical patients, but also care for the greatest spread of patients in terms of age. This patient population makes Family Medicine an ideal setting for studying the generalizability of I-PASS interventions.

As laid out in the original and subsequent I-PASS literature, the benefit was greatest when a bundled approach was used. We implemented 2 mandatory learning sessions on critical components of hand-offs and how to avoid medical errors involved in such processes. All residents in the program were required to attend these learning sessions and to use the new hand-off method. The learning sessions were led by patient safety staff and institutional leadership and consisted of a total of 2 hours of instruction (1 hour per session). This training was a group lecture which all residents attended at the same time. Any resident who was not able to attend the session due to clinical or personal responsibilities were mandated to view a recording of the lecture they had missed.

Within our study, we chose to proceed with a bundled approach to a hand-off intervention as was done in the original Starmer study.[6] From a logistical and practical perspective, with a program of our size, we were unable to create subgroups within our residency training environment to provide, for example, training only, with no hand-off tool. While this present study is then subsequently unable to tease apart individual effects of the specific components of the handoff bundle, the decision to use a bundled approach has previously been shown in other areas of patient safety (iatrogenic infections, surgical complications, ventilator-associated pneumonia), to reduce error rates when used together.[21,22] The original I-PASS study did attempt to separate the effect of a written versus a computerize hand-off tool within the bundle but failed to show any difference in medical error rates between their 2 study units. This study does not specifically answer the question of whether or not all of the bundle elements are required to be present to have an effect. An area of further study could be to assess if there are varying effects from the training sessions, the computerized tool, and the standardized process.

Hii if you sell two wines as a one bundle product you can't manage separate inventory. you need to take them as a separate product. You can take one wine and then fetch another product on the same product page as the bundle and when you add to the cart or buy that one wine product the other product will be added to the cart so then you will be able to manage two individual products go down in storage.Hope you get it. if you need any further help let me know. I have implemented the same.Thank You!

HiiNo don't make the bundle as a separate product, you need to keep those products separate and on one wine product page, you just need to fetch the second wine product so they will be both separate products but can be brought together as a bundle and will go down in storage both the products.Hope you get the idea. can you share a screenshot or website link so I can get an idea of how you implemented it?Thank you!

Our site is here: Portvinsflasken.dkIm not sure what you mean, sorry.We sell this bundle to a special discount. We combine in this bundle two of our wines to a special price called "autumn box". When we sell a autumn box, the autumn box goes one down in storage. But the two seperate wines which is included in the bundle and is also sold seperate is not going down in storage. How do we solve that?

As Shopify doesn't have a native bundling solution you can use a bundling app to map the wine bundles against the single products. If the packs are preset as in a normal product then you can use a backend driven app like bundleup. There are 2 main function of our app:

Our app lets you connect up products to correct SKUs and we then update their inventory based on the component stock level. So in your example if you have 2 different SKUs as part of your wine bundle then the stock availability will be dependent on how many you can make up from the individual wine stock levels.

When you sell one of the bundles the individual stock levels won't reduce automatically as you know. What our app does is update the order post purchase by replacing the order line with the Single SKUs as order lines which then reduces their stock. This then feeds into point 1 above where it updates all linked bundles.

The bundle inventory is automatically set based on the available inventories of the bundle item(s), including the inventories of the variants. Proper quantity will also be taken out of the inventory of each bundle that is being purchased. 041b061a72


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