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Master Your Mind. Design Your Destiny ((HOT))

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Master Your Mind. Design Your Destiny

In this book, you will learn how to take immediate control of your life and develop your personal roadmap to success. You will learn how to model and replicate the success blueprints of exceptional individuals and install these winning mindsets, patterns and strategies within yourself.

Adam KHOO is the primary author of this book. Stuart Tan was just a helper so we will talk about Adam mostly. This man is a lot of things. He is a businessman, author, trainer, and professional FX and stocks trader. Nobody knew before he made a record of becoming a millionaire at the age of 26. He became one of the youngest millionaires in the Singapore. He is also known for this great Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny which is a great gift for young people. In this book, he has discussed the methods of success and the methods of discovering your hidden talents. All of us has potential in ourselves and all we need to do is to bring it out. That is one of the major keys to success in life. Taking control of your mind and life is very important for success.

Since we have been talking about talent in a person and its utilization, this book has everything about it. What happens in life is that most people do have the potential to do something great but they lack control. But control over what? Adam talks about the control over your mind and life. They need a direction and guide to reach the success. Youth need to discover their talents and this book named Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny is a great self-help book. Increasing your communication skills and making you a leader are the objectives of this book. It will give you a lot of life-long ideas using which you can reach any height. But the key to doing all that is to master your mind and that is when you can design your destiny. You can learn this post by reading the book itself.

Some other things about which this book talks is re-igniting your passion and focus towards your goals. Also, the book gives you the formula using which you can reach the success in your life. Of course, there are is no magic and secret of success but this book motivates you for hard work and also teaches you to control your life. Most people do have some certain talents but they lack controls over them. Reading this book will help you to know your talents, motivate you for work and moreover, teaches you how to gain control over your mind. God has set some destiny for us and in this book, there are certain formulas to design and reach that destiny. If you ready to reach that place then what are you waiting for? Download Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny pdf and mold your life according to your choice.

Believing that you control your own destiny means you have recognized your internal locus of control. It means you take responsibility for your thoughts and actions and their outcomes. By thinking this way, you can become unstoppable. You can learn how to control your destiny.

Do you truly desire to produce exceptional results in your life? To be a powerful communicator, charismatic leader, millionaire entrepreneur, straight 'A' student, creative genius or a record-breaking sales professional?Well you can! You already possess all the mental resources you need to achieve any result that you want. Most people fail to live a life of excellence simply because they lack control over their immense potential.In this book, you will learn how to take immediate control of your life and develop your personal roadmap to success. You will learn how to model and replicate the success blueprints of exceptional individuals and install these winning mindsets, patterns and strategies within yourself.Here are some examples of what you'll master after going through this book:* The Proven Ultimate Success Formula to Achieve Anything You Want in Life* Proven Strategies to Identify & Eliminate Limiting Beliefs that Hold You Back* How to Re-Ignite Your Focus & Passion* The Formula to Design and Achieve Your Desired Destiny* How to Take Immediate Control Of Anything in Your Life* The SINGLE Technique to Breaking Bad Habits & Installing Winning Patterns* The Secrets to Taking Charge Of Your Emotional States for Peak Performance* How to Tap into Peak States Of Confidence & Motivation Instantly* How to Turn Failures & Setbacks into Million Dollar Opportunities* Powerful & Practical Techniques to Eliminate Fears & Phobias* How to Model & Replicate the Success Blueprints of Peak Performers* And much, much more!These are the exact strategies Adam used to transform himself from a school reject to a millionaire entrepreneur by the age 26 and to empower thousands of students, professionals to achieve better relationships, excellent health and to unlock their immense personal growth... and now, here's your chance to do the same.

"Maybe you could stay and help me with all this water," she says. "I could really use your help, Mark." The light layer of blue from her eyes drips down her cheekbones from the splash of the pipes' current. She looks like a crying cartoon character as she leans into me. She tries to dry her face on my shirt but I run up the stairs before she gets to me.

"Retroactive thinking is when you let your mind tread over traumatic incidents or events in your life. It is common to get caught in retroactive thinking, especially right after an incident like the one you went through, Mark. But if you are able to realize early that your mind is caught in a web of venomous thoughts, then you may have a chance of escaping further trauma. You don't want your episodic memory to deteriorate."

"That's not what I'm saying. I don't think you're quite seeing the point. I'm going to ask you to do something for me, and doing what I ask will help alleviate any retroactive thinking and put the painful memories of the incident at rest. It's kind of like the theory: if you write down your painful feelings or memories and burn the paper, then those feelings and memories burn away with it."

"It has to do with the fact that, in your head, you think of the incident and you replay it in live action. You still attain the memory as if it's in the present, as if the consequences haven't even happened yet. What you need to do is release the story by telling it in the past tense, which will put it all behind you once and for all."

"You can meditate anywhere," the Zen master said, "as long as your mind is in the right place." He stuck his bare big toe into the carpet and rotated his leg as if trying to drill a hole into the ground.

"Thank you for your time," I say, scrambling for a business card to give him. All I find is an old, beat up one half torn, but I hand it to him anyway and say, "Give me a call. I'd love to talk prices." I'm not sure what I mean by 'talk prices,' but I try to sound convincing because I want him to know I'm serious about all this. As I walk out the door, he sort of bows to me with his palms pressed together and mutters something in another language. I don't need to know what he's saying to understand it means something peaceful.

Parked on Lorraine's parents street, I rehearse everything I'm going to say once I get to the door. Hello Mr. or Mrs. Wagner. I don't want to take up too much of your time, but I was just wondering if you know the best way I could get in touch with Lorraine so we can sort everything out. I go over it about a hundred times until finally I get out of the car, walk up to the door, and ring the bell. Go figure, it's Claire, who's gotten taller since the last time I saw her, unusually tall for a 12-year-old. She's looking at me like I'm on some Wanted poster all over town.

The last message is from Lorraine. When I hear her voice, I hit the bottle again and listen close as she says, "Mark. This is it. If I ever see you again, I'll have no choice but to get a restraining order. This is for your own good." She hangs up, and I yank the cord from the machine and drag it behind me as I go from room to room, gathering every last trace of Lorraine into a black garbage bag.

"Look, Mark, I know you had your heart broken," he goes back down the stairs. I try to slide down the railing but fall on my ass. "But that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to get my heart broken, too."

"You're Mark Woodward. You're my big brother. You were born in Toledo, Ohio. Your sister is Zoe Woodward. She's a headache. Our parents are crazy, but they're impossible not to love. You went to the University of Toledo and studied business, and you turned out to be a hell of a businessman and you've got big dreams to expand your company. You were in love for six long years and you got dealt a bad card because the girl you love fell out of love and broke your heart to pieces, and even though you've been ripped apart, you're smart enough to know how to put yourself back together again."

For this week I promised you a very powerful goal-setting exercise that I send each year around this time, and here it is. This very specific, precise, and life-changing plan will guide you step-by-step through a process where you will: 1) Create MEANINGFUL life and business goals, 2) Prioritize them with incredible clarity, and 3) Determine with ease the action steps you should take to accomplish what you desire in a realistic amount of time! This strategic plan puts YOU in control, giving you the motivation to bring what you say you want into reality so you can reach great levels of success. The entire time you work the plan, you will be moving with definitive force toward your most important personal and professional goals. Taking action on this goals setting session WILL take a little bit of time, but the PAYOFF will be TREMENDOUS! If you take it seriously and look at it as a potentially life-changing session, it will put you light years ahead in your life and business. Following is the EXACT TEXT and PLAN that I share each year with my coaching clients and my network of professionals. I have also personally guided individuals through this process one-on-one, to see them realize amazing professional growth and success (at the very end of this message is a testimonial from a client). GOAL PLANNING that ACTUALLY WORKS! I encourage you to start this year off with a strategic plan that focuses in on the business goals and activities that will catapult you into financial freedom, leaving you a lot of valuable time for family, friends, new business opportunities, and many fun adventures. You are going to learn how to leave behind all of the unprofitable "busywork" that gets you nowhere, and become a master of your own life and destiny. You may have just left behind a year of dissatisfaction and frustration. You may have often felt overwhelmed which probably kept you from taking the actions you MOST needed to take. You may have thought about time management. The truth is though, that many of the time management principles that are "out there" simply tell you how to do more things in less time, or more things in the same amount of time. This approach poses a HUGE problem if the "things" you work on are not the right things to begin with! You need a TIME MASTERY APPROACH, where the tasks you spend your effort and energy on are totally in line with your values and in line with where you want and need to go. In a nutshell, you need to: 041b061a72


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