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Home Alone 5 Full Movie in Hindi HD Quality - Free Download and Streaming

Home Alone 5: A Holiday Heist or a Holiday Flop?

Home Alone 5 is the informal title of Home Alone: The Holiday Heist, a 2012 American made-for-television comedy film that is the fifth installment in the Home Alone franchise. It stars Christian Martyn , Jodelle Ferland, Malcolm McDowell, Debi Mazar, and Eddie Steeples. The film premiered on ABC Family (now Freeform) on November 25, 2012. Unlike the previous four films, which were set in Chicago and New York, this film is set in Maine and features a new family and a new plot. The film follows Finn Baxter (Martyn), a 10-year-old boy who is left home alone with his sister Alexis (Ferland) while their parents go to a Christmas party. Meanwhile, a trio of thieves led by Sinclair (McDowell) plan to rob the Baxter's house, which contains a valuable painting hidden in the basement. Finn must use his wits and his video game skills to outsmart the burglars and save the day.

Home Alone 5 Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Avi


Is Home Alone 5 a worthy addition to the Home Alone franchise or a disappointing flop? In this article, we will review the film based on its plot, cast, production, reception, and legacy. We will also compare and contrast Home Alone 5 with the other films in the franchise and with other holiday-themed comedy films. Finally, we will explore the cultural significance of Home Alone series in general and in India specifically.

Plot Summary

The film begins with Finn Baxter and his family moving from California to Maine, where his father Curtis (Doug Murray) has taken a new job at an IT company. Finn is unhappy with the move and misses his friends and his old house. He spends most of his time playing an online video game called "Gangster Zombies", where he chats with his online friend Simon (Peter DaCunha), who lives in England. Finn's sister Alexis is also unhappy with the move and resents her brother for being immature and annoying. She spends most of her time texting her friends and listening to music.

One day, Curtis and his wife Catherine (Ellie Harvie) decide to go to a Christmas party hosted by Curtis's boss Mr. Carson (Edward Asner). They leave Finn and Alexis home alone, with strict instructions not to play video games or go to the basement, which is off-limits. However, Finn disobeys his parents and goes to the basement to play his video game. There, he discovers a secret room that contains a painting of a woman holding a rose. He also finds a note that says "Edmund" on it.

Meanwhile, a trio of thieves led by Sinclair, a British art collector, plan to rob the Baxter's house. They have been tracking down the painting, which is actually a lost masterpiece by Edvard Munch called "The Widow". The painting was stolen by a German soldier during World War II and ended up in the hands of Edmund Baxter (Robert Higden), Curtis's grandfather, who hid it in his house. Sinclair is assisted by Jessica (Mazar), a seductive femme fatale, and Hughes (Steeples), a bumbling hacker.

The thieves cut off the power and phone lines of the house and break in through the back door. However, they are unaware that Finn is home alone and has set up various traps and pranks to stop them. Using his video game skills and his remote-controlled car, Finn manages to evade and injure the thieves several times. He also contacts Simon through his laptop and asks him for help.

Simon calls the local police station and reports the burglary. However, the police officer who answers the phone is skeptical and dismissive of Simon's story. He thinks that Simon is prank calling him and hangs up on him. Simon then decides to call Mr. Carson's party and tries to reach Finn's parents. However, he is unable to get through to them due to the loud music and noise at the party.

Finn eventually realizes that the painting in the basement is what the thieves are after. He decides to protect it at all costs and hides it in a snowman outside the house. He then lures Sinclair into a trap that involves a snow blower and a bucket of paint. Sinclair is knocked out by the snow blower and covered in paint.

Jessica and Hughes manage to find Finn and chase him into the house. They corner him in the living room, where they see a video message from Simon on Finn's laptop. Simon tells them that he has called the police and that they are on their way. Jessica and Hughes panic and try to escape, but they are stopped by Finn's traps.

The police arrive at the house and arrest Sinclair, Jessica, and Hughes. They also find Edmund Baxter in the basement, who reveals that he has been living there secretly for years. He explains that he hid the painting in his house because he was afraid that someone would steal it or destroy it. He also says that he wrote "Edmund" on the note as a reminder of his name. He also says that he wrote "Edmund" on the note as a reminder of his name.

Finn's parents return home and are shocked to see the police and the mess in their house. They are also surprised to meet Edmund, who introduces himself as Curtis's grandfather. Finn explains to his parents what happened and shows them the painting. He also apologizes for disobeying them and going to the basement. His parents forgive him and hug him. They also praise him for being brave and smart.

The film ends with Finn and his family celebrating Christmas together. Finn receives a new video game console and a copy of "Gangster Zombies" from his parents. He also receives a video call from Simon, who wishes him a merry Christmas and thanks him for being his friend. Finn thanks Simon and invites him to visit him someday. Finn also reconciles with his sister Alexis, who gives him a hug and a kiss. They all sit together and watch a movie on TV, which is the original Home Alone.

Cast and Crew

The main cast and crew of Home Alone 5 are as follows:



Christian Martyn

Finn Baxter

Jodelle Ferland

Alexis Baxter

Malcolm McDowell


Debi Mazar


Eddie Steeples


Doug Murray

Curtis Baxter

Ellie Harvie

Catherine Baxter

Robert Higden

Edmund Baxter

Peter DaCunha

Simon (voice)

Edward Asner

Mr. Carson


Peter HewittDirector

Aaron GinsburgWade McIntyreJohn Hughes (characters)Writers b70169992d


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