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Laptop Add-on

Our only complaint about the Studio Buds is that their rechargeable case isn't able to recharge wirelessly. Regardless, these water-resistant earbuds are comfortable and pair to your laptop in seconds.

Laptop Add-on

This inexpensive felt case bundle includes a nice-looking sleeve for your 13- 14- or 16-inch laptop and a smaller zippered pouch for your accessories. The former offers a snug fit to protect your laptop, and the latter is the perfect size for carrying your laptop's power brick, along with a few other cables or dongles.There's even enough room to stow a wireless mouse or portable battery.

The Anker 735 Charger packs dual USB-C ports and a single USB-A output, meaning it's capable of charging three gadgets simultaneously. Whether your smartphone, laptop, or Nintendo Switch needs recharging, this nifty accessory will have your back.

Whether you want a keyboard to use in tandem with a laptop stand, or you just want a keyboard with a full-sized number pad, the MX Mechanical Mini is an outstanding option that's worth a look. The wireless keyboard is an absolute delight to type on. It's tactile but not too noisy, making it perfect for office use.

The TopMate C5 is a powerful and highly affordable laptop cooling pad. For just about the price of a pizza, you get five fans, dual USB ports, and five adjustable height settings to achieve the perfect viewing angle and typing experience.

This laptop accessory is even equipped with a small LCD screen at its base that displays its various fan speeds. You can press buttons on its front side to adjust how fast the fans spin and select which specific fans run at a particular time.

If you want to get some work done on the couch or in bed, this lap desk helps reduce burns and discomfort from your hot laptop battery. It looks and feels premium, and it's 21 inches wide, which is plenty long enough to accommodate both your laptop and a mouse.

This one is just half an inch thick, and it's small enough to fit in a laptop bag or sleeve. It has quick read and write times, up to a 2TB storage capacity (which is significantly larger than most laptop drives), and it works with Windows and Mac laptops. It's backed by a 3-year warranty.

The mStand by Rain Design is the best laptop stand around. Crafted from aluminum, the accessory features a neat cable organizer and a design that facilitates better airflow around your laptop. You can store your wireless keyboard and mouse (or another laptop) at the stand's base, too.

If you need to transfer photos or files from your camera to your laptop, a card reader is one of those laptop accessories you'll have to pick up at some point. This one from Vanja is one of the best and most portable options you can buy.

It's practically impossible to find a stylish yet functional laptop backpack, but the Kroser laptop backpack solves this dilemma. Its large opening allows you to find whatever you're looking for easily.

Keep all of your gear together in one convenient place with the Peak Design Tech Pouch. It's a stylish and exceptionally made accessory that's a must-have for frequent travelers. It has enough pockets and compartments for small gadgets, charging cables, memory cards, and any other laptop accessories you might own.

This affordable solution comes with two webcam covers that are small, unobtrusive, and easy to install. These laptop accessories open and shut, so you can still use your laptop's built-in camera for the occasional video call.

This multiport USB-C hub by Twelve South is a must-have for laptops that lack essential ports. The accessory has three USB-A ports, a USB-C connector for passthrough charging, an HDMI input, and a gigabit ethernet port for faster internet speeds. The sleek gadget also features both a microSD and full SD card reader.

If you've been lucky enough to find a brand new laptop under the tree this Christmas - or maybe you just bought one for yourself - then you've got a host of options when it comes to picking out some extra hardware and upgrades, no matter what your needs or budget.

It's a good idea to always buy more storage than you think you need, if your budget can take it. Portable, USB-powered drives are a good option to go alongside laptops, though full-sized drives powered by the mains typically offer more storage.

Keep your computer safe and add a touch of style at the same time with a well-chosen laptop bag - if you get this choice right you can make it look like you've got a much more expensive laptop than you actually do.

You need to start with your laptop's screen size and work forward from there. You might well come across official bags from the same manufacturer, but as long as you get the size right, you can go for just about anything to hold your laptop.

The benefits are obvious - much, much more room for you to get your spreadsheets, webpages, videos, and other stuff up on display. You can either mirror your laptop screen on the external monitor or get Windows or macOS to treat them both separately, so you could type out your emails on one display while watching Netflix on another.

Again you've got plenty of competing products to choose from, to fit in with whatever budget you're working to. Just make sure you've got room for the monitor on your desk, and that it uses the same connection standards as your laptop.

As laptops have become thinner and lighter, they've also started to ditch most of their ports, a trend pretty much kicked off by Apple's very thin and very light 2015 MacBook, with a single USB-C port and a headphone jack.

If your new laptop is a little low on sockets, ports, slots and so on, then a hub might be just what you need to get all your peripherals connected and your memory cards read and your external drives hooked up. Work out the kind of ports you're going to need, then find a hub that fits the bill.

Most laptops don't have the greatest sound systems installed - space is at a premium in this type of computer after all - but you don't have to settle for subpar audio if you pick up some wired or wireless headphones.

Maybe Bluetooth is the way to go considering laptop ports seem to be at a premium these days, but it's really up to you which make and model you go for. You don't have to spend all that much money to get an audio experience that's going to be a big upgrade on whatever your laptop's built-in speakers can muster.

It's not just for drawing, though of course a stylus gives you a lot more options to work with when it comes to getting creative with your laptop. Having some kind of pen device also makes it easier to get around your applications, use handwriting as an input option, and even play some games.

Trackpads are fine as far as they go, and on the very best laptops they're very responsive and accurate, but there are some tasks that really work better with a mouse - like image editing, video editing, and of course gaming.

If your laptop has a port of some kind you can hook up a cabled mouse, or you can go wireless and attach a mouse via Bluetooth, which might be preferable if you're often on the move with your laptop. You've got options in all shapes and sizes and colours.

Laptop add-on cards are expansion cards that you can add to the card slot of a laptop to extend the functionality and features of the device. There are cards available for a host of purposes, including sound cards to enhance audio, and graphics cards to improve the visual capabilities of your machine. Wireless cards offer connection to Wi-fi networks and wireless routers, while a parallel port expansion card provides a connection for printers and other hardware. When buying computer add-on cards, you will need to ensure that the card is compatible with your device. PCMCIA and ExpressCard are two of the most widely used standards.

USB 3.0 has a data transfer speed ten times faster than that of USB 2.0. These cards don't just improve data transfer speeds. The latest standards consume less power, manage bandwidth more effectively and offer higher access speeds. Install a new USB 3.0 laptop add-on card to access and write data faster, and improve data transfer speeds between your laptop and any USB compatible device.

There are newer laptop models that opt for additional USB sockets rather than the parallel ports. If you have a printer that relies on a parallel connection, then a parallel adapter card enables you to connect this and other parallel devices to your system.

Network Interface Controller cards (NIC) offer a wired connection to a wireless router or modem. You can also buy wireless laptop add-on cards that enable connection to wireless routers and modems. Current models utilize the 802.11n standard, which offers a transfer speed of up to 300Mbps. 802.11ac increases this even further, with speeds reaching a maximum of several gigabits per second. As long as you have the card slot available, your laptop can accept the new standards, so you can stream, download and upload data quicker than with your existing wireless connection.

There are laptops with integrated graphics and audio cards that save space, and prevent laptops from running too hot. However, if you are a regular music listener, or want a more immersive gaming experience, an audio/sound card enables a surround sound and 3D sound experience. They include ports to add a woofer and additional speakers. Your choice of card will determine how many speakers you can attach to the device. More ports equate to more speakers, which usually converts to richer sound experience.

Modern laptops utilize a USB or include either ExpressCard or PCI slots. You can also buy ExpressCard to PCMCIA adapters that enable you to use PCMCIA cards in an ExpressCard slot. Full-height computer add-on cards are a standard size. Half-height cards are also available, however, so take care to choose the right form. Adapters can convert half-height add-on cards to full-height, and vice versa.

Unfortunately Framework does not expect to bring Thunderbolt certification to laptops with 11th-gen Intel Core processors. But the company says a firmware update is on the way which will bring improvements for security and power consumption. 041b061a72


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