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Maids 2 Deception: Everything You Need to Know About Kasia and How to Protect Her

If only it was this easy and I'm one of them waiting for a vacation which would be my first vacation in 3 months. This is not what people want or look for. They want to meet their friends. It is the same with the service people and I had a two month booking in Mallorca. It is a short vacation. I have a six month booking in South India. It is a long one. Everything we do in this country is tied to government or government schemes or is a duty. We should be able to make our own choice. Our choice is not to purchase a cleaner, a housekeeper, a cook, a cleaner or a chef or purchase a house, a new car or purchase goods which can be made in our country. We should have this freedom.

maids 2 deception how to keep kasia alive


There is no other face to look at, to hear or to see. I can't see a woman's face when she speaks or a family's face or a shopkeeper's face. Everything is in my view. My ears are closed to it all and my attention is on the view screen. I can only see what I am allowed to see. I can only be aware of the places I am allowed to go, the people I am allowed to talk to. My time is all precious and I use it wisely, I'm not interested in what is happening in the world. Only what can hurt me. If I were a man I would have been welcomed in the military. I can only live in the pool of limited opportunity.

1. cheap manual labour can better support a family. So the number of maids will increase. 2. look at the educational level of women in India. Most of the population are uneducated. Many people are these days. So many more Indian men married with abroad will have their wives working to make the family. 3. lastly when we pay a constancy and a decent salary then it will stop hindrance of those who could have goot jobs.


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