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หางาน ช่างเสริมสวยหางาน

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How do you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? One way is to delve into the specific culture and history of the many countries with an independence day celebration between September 15 - October 15. Alternately, you can use Spanish language stories and non-fiction as a point of entrance to celebrate ideas and concepts typical of Hispanic culture. One example is Pelea en el Cole. This book is set in "Colegio de los Molinos", (someplace Spanish-speaking) and relies on a great deal of Spanish specific onomatopoeia as well as cartoon like illustrations to capture older elementary children's imaginations. The text is presented in script so it may require familiarity with cursive if students are going to read it independently. The story line describes a playground fight between two groups at the school and how the grown-ups involved "solve" the problem by building a wall, just as the children figure out a better solution. I won't spoil the ending, let's just say there are ladders and cake involved. It could also work for older students if you were to ask them to invent their own endings or describe the moral of the story. Retelling the story in simplified form is also possible for more novice students. One caution, it is slightly smaller in scale so it would require a document camera or scanning and projecting the pages so that everyone can see the marvelous details.

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