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Guy wants a divorce but wants to trick his wife so he doesnt have to pay her.The hired dude gets remorse and tells her all.When he comes home hes hit against the head n is tied up.His wife cuckolds him and he has to watch her suck dick and riding it

big cock tell it all


The masseur gets home from work and his babysitter is on the couch tired and feels a bit sore.He tells her that he will massage her back,she removes her clothes and he starts massaging her.After that,they get horny and he fucks her babysitter pussy.

Most women do not orgasm from penetration, proving technique (foreplay and much more) is more important than size. Also, if size was more important than technique, penis enhancement procedures and condoms would have been more popular than articles telling men how to make women orgasm.

"I met a hot guy at a bar and decided to go back to his hotel. I could tell in the bar he had a big dick from the way he was filling out his pants. I'm mostly a top, but sometimes it feels good to get fucked by a huge cock. He took his pants off, and there were at least four inches of dick hanging out from the bottom of his boxers. I laughed a little and said, 'What are you going to do with that?' He responded, 'I'm going to fuck you.' We tried. He got the head in, which was the size of an apple, and then we had to stop. His whole penis was at least a foot long. It was fun to play with and suck on, but I couldn't get much further than that."

"I went on a few dates with a guy in college. We knew that neither of us liked to bottom, so I proposed a bet of whoever had the bigger penis got to top. I was obviously pretty cocky and sure that I would win. I was speechless when he pulled out a throbbing Pringles can. Never one to back out of a bet, I powered through. I was late to class the next day because it took me an extra long time to walk up the stairs."

find a nice man with a small penis every one is different there are small vaginas and small penises for a reason every one is always obsessed with big dicks. The truth is you should be looking for a key to fit your lock not a battering rams LOL its much better to have fun sex with some one who fits you and not have to worry about getting hurt . Society tells us that the only good dick is a big one its a myth you can have more fun with a smaller penis than a larger one

Our survey relied on the anonymous recollections and preferences of our study participants. While they were encouraged to tell the truth and accurately represent what they had experienced, the data is nevertheless self-reported and there is the possibility of some inaccuracy.

Hot stepmom is calling her husband on the cellphone to share her special relationship with her stepteen.Suddenly,her stepteen arrives and tells her that she will go upstairs.Stepmom goes to the room and they start licking each others pussy.

Stepteen tells her stepdad theres something missing for her.She wants his dick.Her stepdads shocked but when she puts his hand on his crotch it doesnt take long for her to suck him off.He eats her shaved pussy and fucks his dirty stepteen

Horny teen stepdaughter gets horny and she then sneaks in stepdads room.After that,she tells her stepdad that she wants his cock inside her.She starts throating stepdads big cock and in return her stepdad fucks her tight wet pussy deep and hard.

He also fought roosters. Mutual friends told me that. I never brought it up. It is not a thing non-cockers bring up to cockers. But a long while had passed since we saw each other regularly and I decided to ask.

After billing up their roosters cockers hoist them toward one another, back and forth, like two furious pendulums, until the referee decides they are ready. Then the cockers step back behind a cornmeal line and let them go.

Somewhere in there Clyde moved to Texas for a job. But on weekends, from December through late spring, the season for cockfighting, when the birds were not molting and could fight, he would drive back to Louisiana and meet friends near Lafayette. They would stay at the Holiday Inn and go to fights and afterward go eat and drink.

Clyde seemed to enjoy remembering his chickens, hearing his voice on the tapes speaking their names out loud again. Pretty Boy and Frostbite. Black Water, Blackie, Donald and Abe. A.M. and F.M. and B.A. and Moe. Brown Red and Isis, Moses and Albert. Mopsy, Flopsy and Cotton Tail and of course Red Wire and the others. But he enjoyed telling their stories more. Most times rooster tales ends in the pits and Clyde did not flinch when he got to that part.

BDE is the 'je ne sais quoi' of internet charisma. The Cut describe it as 'a quiet confidence and ease with oneself that comes from knowing you have an enormous penis and you know what to do with it', which Pete responded to with a series of laughing emojis in his Instagram Stories, and we're inclined to agree. It's a low-key assurance in yourself that no no way exudes arrogance nor cockiness (pun absolutely intended).

It was a struggle, but you forced the condom on. You got through sex without it breaking it, managed to keep your erection despite the reduced sensitivity, and got to orgasm. With the deed done, you take off the condom and you're left with an indented red ring around the base of your cock where the ring of latex at the bottom of the condom unsuccessfully tried to squeeze the life out of your boner.

"The sheer girth of his cock completely filled my soaking pussy and went in with relative ease". This was the moment that I had taken my first cock that wasn't my husbands since we said "I do". Let me give you the backstory that led up to this glorious moment.

My husband and I have been married for 23 years. He's 53 and I'm 51. We look ten years younger and act 20 years younger. Life is good. We have a great marriage with two grown kids. He's sexy as hell and has the absolute perfect sized cock (7 1/2"). He's 6'2" athletic build and his tongue, along with his cock, works magic. I'm 5'4", 121 lbs and fit. I have the perfect ass (according to my husband) with curves that most 20 & 30 something's would kill for (again, my husbands thoughts). Over the years we have been increasingly adventurous in our sex life. From me being Miss Prude and my husband Mr. Straight Lace to balls out (literally) fuck machines. The only thing we have not done until the opening paragraph was to invite another cock into our relationship. The cock is for me. My husband is straight and I want it this way. I do plan to bring in another woman for him but this will be another story for another time. This story is about my first cock that's actually bigger than my husbands.

As all couples do, we eventually incorporated fantasies into our sex life. The discussions began veering towards another cock. A REAL cock. My husband suggested it. I wasn't too keen on the idea but the more we talked the more intrigued I became. He didn't want an average cock like his ( I think his is above average, but no convincing him). He wanted a cock with both length and girth much like my dildo. I finally agreed and we began our search.

After perusing various sites we came to the conclusion that we just couldn't find the right cocked person. After a couple of days it dawned on us that we have a large cock in our midst. Our dear friend Paul. He and my husband have been friends since college. When I first started dating my husband I asked if he new anyone with a cock bigger than his and he mentioned Paul. That's as far as it went. Let me remind you, my husbands cock is 7 1/2 inches and was the largest I have ever seen and had. The previous three were maybe 5 inches and not very big in girth. This lightning bolt hit us simultaneously at dinner and we both said "Paul!!"

A little about Paul. He's 6 feet 220 lbs very athletic almost body builder type physique. My husband said his cock had to be at least 9 inches and the girth was bigger than his (which must be big). Paul is also recently divorced. His wife decided to leave him after 24 years of marriage and the kids were all out of the home. We never figured out why she left but it most certainly could not be that sex was not good, especially with a large cocked hubby like Paul. Anyway, knowing that Paul and his big cock were coming to our home that weekend was enough for me to keep a constant lube of natural pussy juices ready in waiting. I must have finger fucked my self 7-10 times that week. I refused to use my giant dildo or let my husband fuck my pussy. I wanted it to be normal size for Paul's cock. Now, I'm not a cold bitch. I did deep throat my husband 3 times, gave home two hand jobs and let him fuck my ass (yes, again) before Paul arrived that weekend. He was in sex heaven!

Friday evening... Paul arrives at our home. It had been some time since we all had seen each other. We had dinner and had some much needed "catch up" time. As the boys were bullshitting each other I gave my husband a little wink. This was our sign for him to initiate the conversation with Paul about fucking me with that big cock of his. I went to the front room and fired up my Mac and did a little "big cock/tight pussy" porn (not that I needed to get in the mood as my pussy had already soaked the crotch of my panties). Paul and my husband's conversation became very toned down. I knew that he was talking about Paul fucking me. After about 20 minutes my husband called for me. As soon as he called my name I nearly came as I knew what was about to happen. I composed myself and walked casually into the living room. As I stood there my husband said, "You know how we have fantasied about you taking a bigger cock than mine? Well, Paul has agreed to show you his and let you decide if you want it. Also, he has jerked off to your bikini picture I sent him several years back from our beach vacation. He wants you. Are you ready?" With that thought of him stroking what was described as a ten inch cock I became so fucking wet that I could barely say yes.

Paul stood up and I could already see a rather large bulge in his jeans. He walked over to me, caressed my left arm and asked if I was ready for him. I said yes. He leaned down and began to kiss my neck. Without hesitation or thinking I grabbed his crotch. Holy fuck!! His cock wasn't fully hard and it was as big as my husbands. I began to unzip his jeans as he caressed my tits through my blouse. I immediately lowered his jeans and went to my knees. He was wearing boxer briefs and that cock was barely contained. As I lowered the briefs his cocked sprang outwards and literally hit me in the chin. For a brief moment I thought a small club had hit me. His cock was now fully erect. It looked to be 10"!! And the girth was more than my hand could hold. Now, most stories tell of how the wife slowly caresses and licks the cock. Not me! I began to devour that fucking piece of meat. I sucked his cock and did my best to deep throat it. I got 8-9" in but that was it. I licked his balls but could not keep from just shoving the hard shaft in and out of my mouth and throat. I was a real cocksucker!! 041b061a72


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