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[S1E2] Revenge Of The Witch

Synopsis: The Boulet Brothers have one last terrifying trick up their sleeves for the competitors to celebrate the Halloween Season. The monsters left alive are tasked with creating witch-inspired looks, but not before surviving a witch trial that leaves some serious burns.

[S1E2] Revenge of the Witch

Floor Show Challenge (Revenge of the Witch Floorshow): Create and present an original witch look inspired by the witches from all over world, including a custom embellished and designed pair of shoes to go with the look, and then present it with a lip-sync performance to the song "Shoes" by Kelly. This challenge was inspired by Dragula Season 1 Episode 1: "Wickedest Witch".

-Daenerys finds out her child was born dead and deformed, as Mirri Maz Dur used his life to keep Drogo alive. The witch admits to tricking Dany despite the fact that she saved her from the Dothraki raping her (though others had already raped her before being saved).

The Vampire Diaries universe has experienced its fair share of supernatural creatures over the years. From werewolves to ghosts to witches, the world is continuously growing with new additions. And, we can't forget the awesomeness of the first-ever tribrid (werewolf-vampire-witch hybrid).

A witch or demon would've been the obvious choice for causing the dead bodies. The plot looked to be going down that road before the red herring had been revealed. The pyromancer just seemed too perfect of a solution to be true, and the dragon's human-form lured us in with her silence.

Plus, a fire-breathing witch is an enemy that the group could easily defeat. The dragon, on the other hand, benefitted from being unknown, which thankfully added to the fight's tension due to all the possibilities.

Nevertheless, she knew she could not get close enough to her goals as "Amanda Clarke". Her relationship with Emily later proved very useful when Amanda came back for her and offered her money along with a change of identity. They exchanged names and lives: Emily became the new "Amanda Clarke", and Amanda became "Emily Thorne" ("Suspicion"). Under the guidance of her sensei, Satoshi Takeda (who himself had a secret grudge against the Graysons), she learned the ways of revenge on an island in Japan.

One night around Thanksgiving of 2006, on a mission to bring down Dmitri Lvovsky, Emily met Aiden Mathis, who ended up killing Dmitri after he taunted him about his vanished sister. Realizing that he needed revenge just as much as she does, she convinced Takeda to take him in, threatening to leave if he didn't accept him. During the mission, Emily had a brief encounter with Ashley Davenport, who at the time had just moved to New York and was about to resort to prostitution to pay the bills. Neither apparently saw each other's faces clearly enough to get a lasting impression. Speaking to her through a door, Emily gave her a bundle of dollar bills in exchange for a information about when Dmitri was arriving.

In the novel named, "Schooled in Revenge", It Is revealed they were several other students training on the Island. So far, it is said Emily bond with a Girl named Ava Winters, described as a 'beautiful young heiress', who has just joined her training school helping her focus on the movation of her revenge.

Emily manipulated virtually everyone in Hampton in her quest for revenge and only Nolan and the real Emily Thorne (known in the Hamptons as Amanda Clarke) currently knows her true identity. She pretended to befriend the Graysons but has not directly attempted to take revenge on the family so far, biding her time until she found the evidence she needed to clear her fathers name. However she has taken revenge on many of the Grayson's allies, including: Bill Harmon, Tom Kingsly, Michelle Banks and Mason Treadwell.

In "Retribution", Jack finds letters sent between Emily and Amanda during their juvie days and, angered that Emily didn't reveal their earlier connection, breaks off with her. Emily then delivers the eulogy at Amanda's funeral. Meanwhile, Aiden breaks into Jack's room and takes back the laptop with video footage proving the Graysons' guilt in Flight 197 and the framing of David Clarke. When he returns it to Emily, she throws it in the ocean, remarking that her revenge plan for the Graysons was never going to involve jail time.

In "Endurance", Emily decided that she had lost and was trying to leave the Hamptons. But Victoria told her that because of the location of the bullets the doctors had to make a sacrifice to save her life, and she wouldn't be able to conceive. After that Emily decided to continue her revenge. Emily discovered that her nurse was Takeda's daughter and she told her that Victoria was after a box at Nolan's house, so Emily notified Nolan with a walkie talkie and he changed the infinity box with another. Emily made an announcement to the press saying that Lydia was the shooter to ensure her place at Grayson Manor. Then she broke things off with Aiden after telling him she couldn't have children, Victoria discovers the infinity box but this one reveals Emily's plan to obtain "status" not revenge.

In "Loss", Emily confronts Margaux and gives her proof that will expose her as Amanda Clarke. Emily wants to end the cycle of revenge. Margaux refuses, and walks into the path of an oncoming taxi. Margaux survives, and Emily is devastated. She returns to the Clark house and tells him she tried to end it, before breaking down in his arms.

In "Exposure", Emily begins to look forward to a life as Amanda Clarke. Nolan arrives at Grayson Manor and tells Amanda that Victoria (through Louise) was able to get her hands on a flash drive which contains evidence of Emily's revenge. Amanda and David confront one of Conrad's co-conspirators Senator Tom Kingsley and threaten him if he tries to bring them down. Amanda does a live TV interview and exposes Victoria's wrongdoings and suggests that Victoria is a murderer. After the TV interview Amanda arrives at the beach house and embraces David and feels happy that she can be Amanda again.

During Amanda's time in the juvenile facility, she grew into an aggressive teenager who often got into fights. She had a good relationship with the warden, who sympathized with her and helped her realize that she needed to stop getting into fights and instead focus on getting revenge on the people who were responsible for her being there in the first place. Amanda befriended Emily Thorne and eventually they swapped names and Amanda later told Nolan that Amanda Clarke no longer existed, although clearly she did still exist due to the existence of the real Emily Thorne.

As the series continued, Amanda occasionally showed a softer side, feeling hurt when Nolan told her that her father would be ashamed of her and apologizing to him later. Although she generally pushed other people away, rarely forming a close relationship with anyone, she is loyal to people she genuinely cared about, rescuing Nolan from the man who stabbed her father, and trying to keep her paternal half-sister, Charlotte out of her revenge schemes against the rest of the Grayson's.

In season 4, Amanda has lost any identity to who Amanda Clarke is, she is scared of being that girl again and is also "addicted" to revenge. She is becoming increasingly more erratic, since Aiden's death and David's return. She is no longer in control of her emotions, especially when David is involved. Takeda knew this would happen 10 years ago, and warned her against it. Now that her revenge mission is over, she has become less of a "machine" and more emotional. Her actions are become more dangerous and violent, shown when she tortured one of the men that came after David. Her fathers return has made her more desperate and protective.

Amanda has explicitly said that she does not know how to live a normal life after 20 years of imprisonment or revenge missions. So she still continues some revenge moments in light of this. However, since her fathers return she no longer enacts revenge, instead she wants to protect her father David, and her half-sister Charlotte. She also seeks to be more truthful, though there have been moments where she has lied. Season 4 tis the season of her finding herself - Amanda, and where her father exists in her life.

Amanda and Lydia became enemies from the day they met, Lydia helped frame David and Amanda turned Victoria against Lydia. Amanda managed to kick her out of the Hamptons but she returned asking for revenge twice. The second time she exposed her to Victoria which led to the shooting in Amanda's wedding.

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Consumed by anger and vengeance, Kleo bides her time. When the Berlin Wall falls and all political prisoners are free to go, Kleo sets out on a bloody revenge mission to gain some sweet payback from those responsible for putting her in prison.

A Spell Gone Too Far: When her mother warns she's in danger before dying, Camille sets off from LA to Atlanta looking for answers. In Atlanta, Jordan leads her witch friends Mona, Angela, and Sherise in a spell to gain more magickal power against their mentor's wishes. Elsewhere a powerful witch named Claudette plots revenge.

Taking on the moniker Lady Stoneheart (also known as the Silent Sister, Mother Merciless, and the Hangwoman), Catelyn becomes the new leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners. Under her leadership, the Brotherhood falls low, to the point it is no longer different than any outlaw gang; its members even violate the sacred guest right. Rather than protect commoners, as they did when Beric was still alive, they hunt down and murder numerous members of House Frey out of revenge for the Red Wedding. As a result, many of the original members (among them Edric Dayne and Anguy) abandon the Brotherhood. Thoros stays with the Brotherhood, though he strongly disapproves of what it has become. 041b061a72


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