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เซ้งร้านเสริมสวย ขายอุปกรณ์ทำผมทุกชนิด

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Chineasy The New Way To Read Chinese

To let it be clear, Chineasy is not the first pictographic system of teaching Chinese characters. It is quite common to introduce pictographic characters with their representations to novice Western learners in order to familiarize them with reading words in visual characters, instead of in the Western alphabetical form. However, Chineasy goes further and shows how these foundational pictographic characters make up more complex characters, a very important lesson that many Western learners internally learn and comprehend as they transition into more abstract and complex words.

Chineasy The New Way to Read Chinese

Eva Salustino is a Brazilian student who has been learning Mandarin Chinese for 1 year and a half. She enjoys reading about Chinese history and culture and hopes to someday travel to China. She would love to share her learning experience with all the learners and make more friends here.

While the book introduces common Chinese characters, it does not teach pronunciation or grammar, and thus does not teach how to read or use the language, although it does use voice recordings for the users to mimic.[5]

While many business professionals agree that China is the future, handling the Chinese language is still a struggle for many foreigners..Therefore Chineasy developed a whole new idea: using IMAGES..A chinese character is as we know very complex, but by using images to place associations in the brain, this learning process can be made much easier!

By learning the most commonly occurring characters - the building blocks of the entire language - readers can swiftly grasp basic concepts and words, and gain confidence and insight into Chinese language and culture.

These are topics we have discussed numerous times on Language Log (see "Selected readings" below for a sample of some of the posts that touch on this subject. I told the student that this is indeed a fact of life, and that current teaching methods for Mandarin emphasize pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, etc., and that handwriting the characters is no longer a priority. Whereas in the past handwriting of the characters used to take up over half of a student's learning time, now copying characters is reduced to only a small fraction of that. 041b061a72


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